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What I Bought to Start my Boutique!

Part of why it has taken me this long to start my dream of launching a boutique is because I didn't know where to start. It was (and still is) so overwhelming to think about what I need to launch this store. How much inventory do I start with?

Do I drop ship or do I buy in bulk? Where do I buy shipping supplies? What shipping supplies do I need? How much is this going to cost? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS! And half the time researching just left me overwhelmed.

If you're reading this maybe you're in the same boat. After hours of researching these are the products (and links) to what I have purchased to start my online boutique- I hope you find it helpful! 

*I will continue to update this as I make purchases*

Shipping Supplies:

  • Poly Mailers:
  • Thermal printer: coming soon
  • Thank you's:t thank you cards that I will pack with purchases. Ordered from vistaprint. (500) | $47
  • Stickers: I plan to use these to wrap orders and give out. Ordered from visaprint as well! 240 | $49
  • Tissue paper: coming soon


  • Canva: I use this platform for social media posts, graphics, and some designs. I personally have the canva pro subscription ($119.40/yr) but the free version has plenty of cool features and templates to use! Use this code for a free canva credit.
  • Adobe Illustrator: I use this platform mainly for designs. ($19.99/month)
  • Shopify Store: you're currently reading this on the shopify store theme Brooklyn, which is a free theme. The shopify subscription is $29/month.
    • I also purchased this domain for $14/yr

Inventory: To start out I created ten designs- some are on t-shirts, some sweatshirts, and some both. I ordered 30 of each clothing piece and went with 6 smalls, 9 mediums, 9 large, 3 x large, and 3 2x large. In total I purchased 330 pieces of clothing.

I had a hard time finding how much inventory businesses started out with when launching a store so hopefully this amount is adequate.. and if not well we live and learn for the next round- I will keep you updated! If you're wondering how much inventory to start with, I would say set an inventory budget and go from there!